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The Epitome of Innovation for the Bottling Industry 

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NEW Complete lines for PET/Cans/Glass

We have  complete lines for PET, cans and glass  available for Non Carbonated, CSD, beers, hot fills, juices  and lactose beverages 

Our sister company

Muccini SA de CV is our sister company located in Mexico selling both in Mexico, Central and South America

Hysteresis heads and chucks for all types of cappers

We offer hysteresis capping heads and chucks for all types of cappers including Arol, CSI, Zalkin and more

MPP Equipment has dedicated more than 30 years to the bottling industry under the name Exactomex Inc. selling and rebuilding bottling equipment. These equipment consist of carbonators, bottle washers, conveyors, stackers, gravity water fillers, bottle seamers, rinsers, heat exchangers and other similar products. The company was founded in 1971 in Mexico City. and currently located in Mcallen, Texas  with its subsidiary Muccini SA de CV located in Reynosa Mexico. We have extensive experience and tradition in the sale, manufacture and reconstruction of machinery and equipment for the packaging and bottling industry. Today we represent a few companies that are well established within the industry with innovative equipment and parts to better serve our customers

Get to Know Us


We are a US company serving the food and beverage industry offering and representing a few companies here in the US. Our sales services includes in new, used or rebuilt equipment and spare parts for various brands within the bottling industry. We represent well established and professional companies dedicated to manufacturing high-tech equipment and our partners and suppliers are globally recognized companies.


Search and solve client problems by offering innovative products to improve their projects and processes, meeting their expectations. Provide the best service to the bottling and food industry by manufacturing and adapting machinery to the needs of our customers.

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