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Filling Machines

STM filling machines guarantee maximum hygiene and extremely fast change of formats (reduced to 10 minutes). Whether it’s a machine for cans or a machine for bottles, every rotary filling machine features a unique, internal, neck-based transport of packages without the necessity of setting the height. It allows for fast change of packaging formats with different diameters. Finally, qualities, like: user-friendly touch panel with automatic diagnostic software, precise positioning of packages and operation limited to the minimum make each bottling machine and canning machine a solid choice for your business. 

Opening up to new solutions, running our own laboratory and deep analysis of efficiency, allows us to optimize the production of all kinds of liquids at every stage of the filling process.


Need a universal machine for filling PET bottles? Synchroblock is our answer. At STM Group we have combined a stretch blow molding machine, a rotary filling machine and a capping machine into one piece of equipment. This machine is perfect for water and energy saving, while maintaining high speed and quality of confection. Lack of rinser and air conveyors results in ergonomic use of space. To add, only one person is needed to operate the whole process.  

The machine was designed for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, including sensitive products. It will be the right choice for a water filling line, a syrup filling line, a milk filling line and an oil filling line. What’s more, synchroblock can be fitted with different types of filling valves: weightmatic, volumetric/flowmatic and isobaric. High sanitation during water bottling or juice bottling is maintained thanks to UV sterilization, HEPA H14 air filters and Arrow Purity System. Want to know more? Go here.



If you need beer canning equipment, or beer bottling equipment, EPV series is the one you are looking for. It’s the latest solution in the field of isobaric filling. Whether you want to confect the product into PET bottles, glass bottles or aluminum cans, the device can achieve medium and high speed without compromising on the quality on the end product.  

This type of filling machines provide high performance, control, precision and hygiene. Fully automated, EPV is a tried and tested solution, recommended especially for craft beer filling, as it reduces oxygen intake. Nevertheless, it will also be the right choice for a water bottling line, a soda bottling line, and a soda canning line. 

You can select types of filling valves: with or without oxygen pre-evacuation and self levelling. To add, both, the bottling machine and the canning machinecan be adapted for different volume formats. Interested? Find out more. 



CAN series is characterized by the unique flexibility and efficiency. Filling and seaming of PET cans and aluminum cans with cylindrical shapes has neverbeen easier. With easy change over between the can sizes, our can fillers are great choice for small and medium fillers, offering best price-quality ratio. 

Rotary filling and seaming blocks can be equipped with isobaric, overflow or electronic filling valves, designed for both carbonated and still drinks. The seamers are designed to seam a wide range of round cans of all standard body sizes available on the market. They work with all the available lid types: 200, 202 and others. 

Therefore, no matter if you need beer canning equipment, soda canning line or a juice canning line, our machines are designed to handle a wide range of round cans. Our can filling machines also verified their suitability in quality beer canning giving very low oxygen pickups. Want to find out more? Go here.  



If you are looking for compact design for highly foaming products, we recommend ISO series. These machines were designed for filling containers with carbonated drinks. It will be the right choice for soda canning line, soda bottling line, as well as, beer bottling line and beer canning line. 

The machine is fitted with mechanical isobaric filling valves. Together with rotating, rinsing, filling and seaming blocks they constitute the core elements of our isobaric filling line. This technology was specifically designed for filling carbonated beverages that are prone to foaming, but it is also suitable for non-carbonated products. 

The filling valves are characterized by a simple construction, ensuring high level of hygiene and ease of use. Modular design with central tank, works smoothly with the latest generation of neck-based hold and independent evacuation of air for highly foaming products. The whole process of beer filling, soda filling and water filling is supervised by the Bernecker programmable controller. Find out more about ISO machines here.



If you are planning to fill demanding products, we recommend FlowMatic series. These machines were made for filling containers with non-carbonated, clean liquids with higher hygienic requirements, such as milk, natural juice, syrup and yoghurt. It will be the right choice for a milk bottling line and a juice bottling line.  

The machine is fitted with electronic filling valves with electrostatic flow meters, manufactured by Endress+Hauser. Together with rotating rinsing, filling and seaming blocks, they constitute the core elements of our flowmatic filling line. Most importantly, the bottle is never in the direct contact with the filling valve, which guarantees safety during milk filling and juice filling. 

The machines in the standard version are equipped with the Arrow Purity System (APS®) with H14 HEPA filters that retain 99,995% of impurities. Other optional safety features for your bottling machine include: microbiological insulators such as laminar flow, UV sterilization and ozone water rinsing of caps. In addition, the solutions applied in the design guarantee extended life of sensitive products. Discover what else Flowmatic machines can do for you here



If you are planning to confect oil, dense products or diary products with pieces of fruit, we recommend WeightMatic series. These machines were made for filling PET bottles, glass and HDPE containers. They allow for the highest class of pouring accuracy. It will be the right choice for a milk bottling line and an oil bottling line.  

The machine uses a weighing method of filling to guarantee accurate mass of the product. Filling is carried out with the use of gravity and can be additionally supported by increasing the pressure in the tank. Consistency of filling and low loss of valuable product is assured by accurate electronic weighing / portion determination and high filling precision (from ± 0.2 to 2 g for a volume from 0.2 l to 2.0 l). Most importantly, elimination of dead spots in the machine, reduces the risk of contamination during milk filling and oil filling. Learn more about Weightmatic filling machines here.



If you are looking for a simple, reliable fillers for non carbonated liquids, we recommend NC series machines. These machines are equipped with overflow filling valves. Together with rinsing, filling and capping blocks, they constitute the core elements of our NC complete filling line. 

The machine was designed for liquids that do not contain CO2, such as: natural water, still beverages, technical fluids (also foaming). It will be the right choice for a natural water bottling line, a juice bottling line, ice tea filling line, and a windshield washing liquid line. 

Additionally, the series of NC machines can be paired with the hot fill system. This type of confection takes place at temperatures up to 88˚C and is perfect for filling in large containers (3l or 5l) with non-carbonated liquids. Your automatic filling line for juice and bottling equipment will greatly benefit from this solution. Uncover the full potential of NC machines here

Experts in Filling Solutions

Over 30 years of experience 


Over 30 Years of Experience

For over 30 years, STM been providing customers with innovative 
technical solutions, comprehensive advice and professional needs analysis. 
Every filling machine, complete line and PET bottles machine 
is created by a team of experienced engineers, working together 
for the success of many businesses around the world.

Comprehensive Solutions

Embrace the latest technologies from STM 
and explore innovative solutions, which manage 
the whole production process. 
From PET bottle production to bottling and packaging all kinds 
of drinks, dairy products, ESL milk and other liquids.

Expert in Filling 
and PET Technology

Take advantage of 3000 m2 of production space with 300 engineers and technicians at your service. We have successfully designed and manufactured more than 140 strech blow moulders, more than 
400 filling machines and over 200 complete lines.

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