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STM supplies labelling equipment for your bottling line. Depending on desired performance, STM offers linear or rotary technology. Our main product is the OPP labelling machine for polypropylene labels fed from a roll. These devices apply labels with hot glue. Our OPP labellers are compact machines and can be additionally fitted with double reel for faster sticking of labels during changeover. 

A linear labelling machine is recommended for small production facilities and a rotary labelling machine will be more suitable for production plants with larger capacity. Choose your labelling machine accordingly: 


STM Mega Roll – Rotary OPP Labeller 

  • Capacity 9000 – 12000 bph

  • 9 to 12 plates

  • Hot glue technology for wrap-around OPP labels

  • Optional: hot glue for pre-cut paper labels

  • Label positioning system for highly repetitive application and working with different labels

  • Adapted to work with the top hot glue applicators available on the market

  • Protection system to prevent glue from being applied to a drum without a label


STM Uno Roll – Linear OPP Labeller 

  • Capacity 6000 – 9000 bph

  • Hot glue technology for wrap-around OPP labels

  • Linear solution, resulting in very short changeover times

  • 3 vacuum chambers for very precise labelling

  • Integrated and simplified adhesive application system

Experts in Filling Solutions

Over 30 years of experience 


Over 30 Years of Experience

For over 30 years, STM been providing customers with innovative 
technical solutions, comprehensive advice and professional needs analysis. 
Every filling machine, complete line and PET bottles machine 
is created by a team of experienced engineers, working together 
for the success of many businesses around the world.

Comprehensive Solutions

Embrace the latest technologies from STM 
and explore innovative solutions, which manage 
the whole production process. 
From PET bottle production to bottling and packaging all kinds 
of drinks, dairy products, ESL milk and other liquids.

Expert in Filling 
and PET Technology

Take advantage of 3000 m2 of production space with 300 engineers and technicians at your service. We have successfully designed and manufactured more than 140 strech blow moulders, more than 
400 filling machines and over 200 complete lines.

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